Trans-disciplinary Artist, Musician/Producer & DJ
I consider myself a trans-disciplinary artist, musician/producer and a DJ.
My roots ly in a small town in the deep south of Germany, near to the Black Forest and the Alps, where I was born in 1987. In 2008 I decided to leave Germany and went to study Fine Arts - 3D at ArtEZ AKI in Enschede (NL), where I successfully graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2012.
Since 2013 I live and work as an independent artist in The Hague (NL). Since then I am a active member of artist run initiative Locatie Z of which I am also chairman of the board. In 2017 I co-established a artist run studio building in The Hague, called WD4X which provides professional studios, project spaces and rehearsal studios for artists and musicians.

My artistic practice is defined in sculptures, installations, drawings photographs and music, but most of the time it‘s a symbiosis of these elements. My focus is based on the creation of compositions with a specific acoustic and physical interaction, where form and sound coexist. The playful, unpredictable aspects of this interaction has my main interest. The specific qualities of music like tone, dynamics, rhythm, timbre and its swiftly immateriality create the poetic counterpart of the physical and visual. With a visual and more or less static space for the quick and fleeting properties of time — as such almost stretched towards infinity — I create an oscillating experience of constant change. The ambiguity in the sensory perception is an open invitation to explore an audible and visual space, where time seems to evaporate.

For the past few years, I have immersed myself in the 'celebration of the delirious life', resulting in several large art installations, consisting of (sound) sculptures, drawings, videos and photographs, exhibited in museums and art spaces throughout the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. During this period I recorded hours of audio compositions in my studio, that explore electronic- and folklore music vocabulary and strongly relate to my visual work, but have remained unpublished.

In December 2020 I released my first single entitled "Iedere Dag Vakantie" in collaboration with ESC.REC. Records (digitally and on ltd. 7" vinyl), which is the exciting prelude to a larger body of work, the essence of the amassed studio recordings, where my music and visual arts merge into my carefully crafted alter ego SNACKBAR The Ambassador, who also started acting out in disruptive but infectious live performances, dressed in elaborate costumes. The ultimate goal in the collaboration with Esc.rec. is a compounded collectible art object and 12" album.

SNACKBAR The Ambassador's music is best described as a toxic concoction of deconstructed folklore, electronic beat and space explorations, otherworldly sounds, dub, cumbia, schlager, humpa and experimental electronics. Endearing, ugly, attractive, abrasive, compelling and taunting at the same time.
phone: +31-6 153 337 23